Gold: Paradise for CFD traders

Catégorie [ Or ]

Long term: towards MQ

On a yearly basis: a type II is in progress. LY could continue to decline with a bullish T9. This PEI is the strongest that we know.  With this pattern, expect to use Dow Jones 1980 / 2000 bull trend as a benchmark.

On a quarterly basis, with a close below MQ, the parallel will be over.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread is expending. PM trend is more and more powerful. A bearish no-crossover is the status for our MACD.

Idea: monthly MACD as a leading indicator

Bet: as long as our monthly stochastic is not oversold, LQ is our first objective.

R= MM (1623);    S= MQ (1322), PY (818), LQ (714)

Medium term: bearish parallels

On a weekly basis, a type III is in progress. A PEI is the status for our stochastic and MACD.

Idea: use weekly parallels rules

Bet: a collapse will develop.

R= PW (1395);   S= weekly MACD oversold,

Short term: a parallel pattern could develop

On a daily basis, a bubble is in progress. With daily ATM tools trend, a type II is expected.

Idea: very bearish as long as our stochastic is not oversold

Bet: a bearish parallel pattern should be in hand.

R= MD (1369);   S= daily MACD oversold,

Conclusion: Paradise for CFD traders.