€ / GBP: weak

Catégorie [ ATDMF, Autres devises ]

Long term: towards UM

On a yearly basis a bullish no-crossover is in progress for our stochastic and our MACD.

On a quarterly basis, next period TAM tools could be up.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread is above a reference one. UM is a strong resistance. Our stochastic could be overbought within two or three periods.

Idea: UM is a strong resistance

Bet: only a technical recovery in progress.

R= UM (.8868);    S= MM (.8311)

Medium term: toppish

On a weekly basis, no parallel is in progress.

Idea: MACD is our leading indicator

Bet: towards MW is expected.

R= UW (8847);   S= PW (.8576), MW (.8322).

Short term: flat

On a daily basis, Bollinger bands are flat.

Idea: daily stochastic is our leading indicator

Bet: wait.

R= UD (.8748);   S= LD (.8587)

Conclusion: weak if PW fails as a support.