USD / JPY: higher

Catégorie [ $ / JPY ]

Long term: above MQ?

On a yearly basis, Bollinger bands spread will stay flat. A bearish no-crossover is the status for our moving averages but our MACD is oversold.

On a quarterly basis, the trend for M23 is bearish. A bullish no-crossover is the status for our stochastic. A recovery towards or above MQ is expected.

On a monthly basis, the UM / LM spread is expending with a close above UM and a NEI is in progress on the upper time frame.

Idea: monthly MACD is our leading indicator

Bet: above MQ without a bullish trend.

R= MQ (88.01), 100, MY (105.74);    S= MM (79.7)

Medium term: type II in progress

On a weekly basis, a type II is in progress. LW trend is bearish with a bullish T9.

Idea: use parallel rules

Bet: towards 100 or above.

R = MQ (88.01);     S = PW (82.74).

Short term: type III in progress

On a daily basis, a type III is in progress.

Idea: use parallel rules

Bet: higher.

R = MQ (88.01);        S = MD (85.65).

Conclusion: towards MQ or higher.