Long Gilt: focus on 117.20

Catégorie [ taux d'intérêt ]

Long term: lower

On a quarterly basis, our stochastic and MACD are overbought.

On a monthly basis, if 117.20 (current low) fails as a support, LM could be a target.

Idea: use our stochastic as a leading indicator

Bet:  lower.

R= MM (120.16);    S= 117.20, LM (111.9)

Medium term: bearish

On a weekly basis, Bollinger Bands spread is expending but MW is not flat.

Idea: use our MACD as a leading indicator

Bet: below PW.

R= MW (119.5);   S= 117.20, PW (116.56)

Short term: bearish below 117.20

On a daily basis; with a bearish no-crossover as a status for our moving averages, a bear trend will develop.

Idea:  short below PW

Bet:  easy to see the main trend next Monday morning.

R= MD (118.62);   S= 117.20

Conclusion: wait tomorrow afternoon.