S&P 500: at the close, focus on MW

Catégorie [ S & P 500 ]


Long term basis: choppy in 2013

On a yearly basis, UY could rise at the close. PY failed as a resistance. Stochastic could be oversold at the end of the period. Our moving averages could continue to rise. UY is our main target.

On a quarterly basis, Bollinger Bands spread is maximal but is shrinking slowly. With an overbought status for our stochastic, UQ will be the maximal target.

On a monthly basis, stochastic and MACD could be overbought together in the same period.

Idea: monthly MACD is our leading indicator

Bet: with a no-crossover status for our monthly stochastic and MACD, 2013 will be a bullish year.

R = UM (1477.5);    S = MM (1323.9), LM (1170)

Medium term:  focus on moving averages status

On a weekly basis, Bollinger bands spread is a reference one. Focus on moving averages crossover: a type A or B could develop. PW has a bearish trend.

Idea: UW as a target with a bullish no-crossover for our moving averages and otherwise LW as an objective

Bet: wait for the next moving averages status.

R = UW (1472);    S= LW (1353)

Short term: towards UD

On a daily basis, Bollinger Bands spread is maximal. TAM tools are up without PEI. UD is our maximal target.

Idea: use our daily stochastic as a leading indicator

Bet: long (intraday basis).

R= UD (1435.6);                       S= MD (1393.2), LD (1350.9)

Conclusion: towards UW if MW (1412.9) fails as a resistance