GBP / USD: lower on a short term basis

Catégorie [ £ / $ ]

Long term: flat

On a yearly basis, Bollinger bands spread is minimal. TAM tools are without NEI / PEI.

On a quarterly basis, with a bearish trend for M23, PQ / MQ could act as a resistance.

On a monthly basis, the UM / LM spread will stay flat. TAM tools are up without PEI.

Idea: rise as long as MM= support

Bet: quarterly bearish pre-parallels could develop.

R= PQ (1.6423);    S= MM (1.594), LM (1.5374)

Medium term: lower

On a weekly basis, Bollinger spread is a reference one.

Idea: use MACD status as a leading indicator

Bet: MW could fail as a support.

R = UM (1.6268);     S = MW (1.5774), LW (1.528).

Short term: decline

On a daily basis, Bollinger spread is a reference one. Weekly time frame is a NEI for daily basis.

Idea: a bearish pre-parallel pattern could develop within three weeks

Bet: towards MW.

R = PD (1.6188);        S = MW (1.5774).

Conclusion: lower as long as MD= resistance.