WTI: a new trend? (short term basis)

Catégorie [ Pétrole ]

Long term: weak

On a quarterly basis, MACD is our leading indicator.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread is flat. As long as our MACD is not oversold the decline could continue or amplify.

Idea: nothing to do

Bet: LM is a strong support.

R= UW (101.23);   S= MW (90.52)

Medium term: technical recovery

On a weekly basis, stochastic and MACD are oversold. M23 trend is down.

Idea: UW is our main resistance

Bet: nothing to do.

R = UW (101.23);     S = MW (90.52).

Short term: rise?

On a daily basis, the status for our moving averages is a bullish no-crossover. Our stochastic is overbought.

Idea: use our MACD as a leading indicator

Bet: a bearish T2 this week?

R = UD (98.33);    S= MD (96.43), LD (94.54).