S & P 500:last day to add a long position

Catégorie [ S & P 500 ]

Long term basis: towards UY

On a yearly basis, UY could rise at the close. PY failed as a resistance. Stochastic could be oversold at the end of the period. Our moving averages could continue to rise. UY is our main target.

On a quarterly basis, Bollinger bands spread is maximal but shrinking. A bullish no-crossover is in progress with our stochastic and our MACD. UQ is our maximal target.

On a monthly basis, a bullish no-crossover is the status for TAM tools. UM / LM spread is expending.

Idea: monthly MACD as a leading indicator

Bet: yearly MACD will be oversold next period.

R = UY (1658), +++;    S = MM (1314)

Medium term: Type II in progress

On a weekly basis, a type II occurred in T3. It’s the most bullish pattern that you can imagine.

Idea: add long position this week

Bet: LW trend will amplify its decline.

R = UY (1658);    S= MW (1369)

Short term: PEI for our moving averages

On a daily basis; Bollinger bands spread expended until T9. Long are in commands.

Idea: a powerful move should develop

Bet: PEI for our MACD.

R= +++;                       S= MD (1429)

Conclusion: see Medium term analysis