AUD / USD: close short position?

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Long term: lower?

On a quarterly basis, a bullish no-crossover is always the status for our moving averages. Our stochastic and MACD are overbought.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread could expend. A NEI is the status for our moving averages.

Idea: lower below PM

Bet: UM trend is the key.

R= MM (1.0293);    S= PM (.9474), MQ (.9087)

Medium term: lower?

On a weekly basis, UW / LW spread is expending.  A NEI is the status for the monthly time frame.

Idea: lower as long as our MACD is not oversold

Bet: towards PM.

R = UD (1.0064);     S = PM (.9474)

Short term: bearish parallel pattern

On a daily basis; with a close above MD, UD is our next objective.

Idea: use bearish parallel rules

Bet: a close above MD is likely.

R = MD (.9841), UD (1.0064);   S = LD (.9618)

Conclusion: close short position today?