WTI: weak on a medium term basis

Catégorie [ Pétrole ]

Long term: towards UM or above

On a quarterly basis, a PEI is in progress with our moving averages and our stochastic.

On a monthly basis, a PEI is in progress with our moving averages.

Idea: bullish as long as MM proves to be a support

Bet: towards LM if MM fails as a support.

R= UM (112.28), UQ (123.68);   S= MM (95.85), LM (79.42)

Medium term: weak

On a weekly basis, a bearish no-crossover is the status for our stochastic. With a NEI on the monthly time frame, no bear trend could develop.

Idea: towards MM

Bet: lower for some weeks.

R = MW (102.47);     S = MM (95.85).

Short term: lower

On a daily basis, UD / LD spread was minimal and increasing. No PEI is in progress.

Idea: lower as long as our MACD is not oversold

Bet: not yet bearish.

R = MD (103.01);    S= MM (95.85).

Conclusion: with a bullish trend for UW, lower for some weeks.