Euro-Bund: higher

Catégorie [ Contrat € - Bund ]

Long term: higher

On a quarterly basis, a bullish type I could develop.

On a monthly basis, UM / LM spread is expending. A PEI is the status for stochastic and MACD.

Idea: a bullish monthly type II is not ruled out

Bet:  rise as long as our monthly MACD is not overbought.

R= UM (144.63), +++;    S= MW (138.85)

Medium term: higher

On a weekly basis, a close occurred above UW with a NEI between open and close. A bullish no-crossover is the status for our moving averages.

Idea: UW / LW spread will increase

Bet: towards UM without bullish signal.

R= UM (144.63);   S= MW (138.85)

Short term: higher

On a daily basis, a weak bullish type I occurred

Idea: higher

Bet: rise as long as our MACD is not overbought.

R= UD (141.94);   S= MD (140.06)

Conclusion: nothing to do.