USD / JPY: weak for some weeks

Catégorie [ $ / JPY ]

Long term: lower

On a yearly basis, Bollinger band spread is increasing. A PEI is in progress with our moving averages.

On a quarterly basis, a type I could develop.

On a monthly basis, a bearish parallel pattern is in progress.

Idea: use monthly bearish parallels rules

Bet: towards LM.

R= MM (80.58);    S= LM (74.61), LQ (68.05)

Medium term: Bollinger bands spread is minimal and increasing

On a weekly basis, no PEI / NEI is in progress on TAM tools.

Idea: no bear trend could develop

Bet: lower as long as our stochastic is not oversold.

R = MW (77.12), UW (78.17);     S = LW (76.07)

Short term: decline

On a daily basis, Bollinger bands spread is above a reference one. No PEI is in progress with TAM tools.

Idea: MD is a strong resistance

Bet: decline as long as our MACD is not oversold.

R = MD (76.94);   S = LW (76.07)

Conclusion: decline for some weeks.