Nasdaq 100: nothing to do

Catégorie [ Nasdaq 100 ]

Long term: weak

On a yearly basis, our stochastic and MACD are oversold. Our 7 / 23 years moving averages are up with a PEI. UY is our main target.

On a quarterly basis, a bullish pattern is over. TAM tools are up.

On a monthly basis, the status for our 7 / 23 months moving averages is a bullish A type crossover. Our MACD is overbought.

Idea: MM is our first target.

Bet: nothing to do.

R = UM (2529);     S = MM (2107), LM (1686).


Medium term: weak

On a weekly basis; TAM tools are without PEI.

Idea: nothing to do

Bet: towards PW with a close above MW.

R = MW (2274), PW (2363);    S = LW (2082).



Short term: rise but without bullish trend

On a daily basis, UD / LD spread is expending but above a reference one. A bullish no-crossover is in progress with our MACD and with our moving averages. A NEI is in progress with our weekly time frame. UD is our main objective.

Idea: rise as long as our stochastic is not overbought

Bet: nothing to do.

R = UD (2300);    S = MD (2172).


Conclusion: technical recovery in progress.