Bund contract: today, focus on stochastic status

Catégorie [ Contrat € - Bund ]

Long term: toppish

On a quarterly basis, a bearish divergence is in progress with our stochastic and MACD. Below MQ, LQ could be a target.

On a monthly basis, Bollinger spread is flat. A bearish A type crossover is the status for our 7 / 23 months moving averages.

Idea: LM is our first support. LQ is our next objective.

Bet: as long as MM proves to be a resistance, a decline is in progress.

R= MM (125.44) S= LM (118.69), LQ (108.68)

Medium term: lower

On a weekly basis (Continuous contract); as long as a bearish A type crossover is in progress with our moving averages, the main trend is down.

Idea: PW is a strong resistance

Bet: towards LW if PW acts as a resistance.

R = PW (123.12), UW (126.04); S = LW (120.2)

Short term (continuous contract): toppish

On a daily basis, a bullish A type crossover is in progress with our moving averages.

Idea: towards PW or higher with a bullish no-crossover for our stochastic

Bet: below MD if the status of our MACD is overbought.

R = UD (123.47) S = MD (121.57), LD (119.67)

Conclusion: today, focus on daily no-crossover / overbought status for stochastic.