US 10 Y: wait until the end of next week

Catégorie [ Contrat 10 Y T-Note ]

Long term: neutral

On a yearly basis, the status for TAM (are) a bullish no-crossover. The rise in progress could extend for some periods. Current Historical high is our first objective.

On a quarterly basis, UQ / LQ spread is wide. A bullish A type crossover is in progress with our 7 / 23 quarters moving averages. Our stochastic and MACD are overbought. MQ is our first target.

On a monthly basis, the spread for Bollinger bands is above a reference one. A bearish B type crossover could develop this year with our 7 / 23 monthly moving averages. Our stochastic and MACD are overbought. PM could act as a support.

Idea: next month, focus on PM status

Bet: none

 R = 121.83 (March 11 high), UM (126.45);    S = PM (117.49)


Medium term (June contract): flat

On a weekly basis, UW / LW spread is minimal. A bullish no-crossover is in progress with our stochastic and MACD.

Idea: focus on the status of our moving averages

Bet: nothing to do this week.

R = UW (121.14);    S = MW (119.66), LW (118.17)


Short term: rise

On a daily basis, UD / LD spread is a reference one. As long as our MACD is not overbought, the rise in progress could continue.

Idea: IEN in progress on weekly trend

Bet: focus on MD.

R = UW (121.14);    S = MD (120.75), LD (117.93)


Conclusion: wait next week.