€ /$: towards / above 1.5 this year

Catégorie [ Divers, € / $ ]

Long term: higher

On a yearly basis, Bollinger band spread is not minimal and will stay at the same level for some periods. A bullish A type crossover is in progress with our 7 / 23 years moving averages. UY is our main resistance. A PEI could develop with our MACD.

On a quarterly basis, Bollinger spread is a reference one. For our 7 / 23 quarters moving averages, a PEI is not ruled out. On a monthly basis, the UM / LM spread is far away from its minimal level. A PEI is in progress with our stochastic and MACD. A bullish A type crossover is expected. UM is our next target.

Idea: towards UQ

Bet: bullish

R = UY (1.5098), UQ (1.547);    S= MM (1.3661)


Medium term: UW / LW spread is a reference one

On a weekly basis, TAM are up. UW is our main resistance.

Idea: use our weekly MACD as a leading indicator

Bet: UW as a first objective.

R = UW (1.4109);     S = MW (1.3544)



Short term: without trend

On a daily basis, the UD / LD spread could be a reference one next week. A bullish A type is in progress. As long as MD proves to be a support, the rise in progress could continue.

Idea: UD / LD spread will increase at the end of the week

Bet: MD is a strong support.

R = UD (1.4063   S = MD (1.3828


Conclusion: as long as MD proves to be a support, a medium term rise could develop.