A spread with futures easy to do: buy 3M ED + sell 3M Euribor

Catégorie [ Contat Euribor ]

Long term: flat

On a monthly basis, TAM are without clear trend.

Idea: none

Bet:  decline as long as MM proves to be a resistance.

R= MM (99.144)    S= LM (98.853)


Medium term: weak

On a weekly basis (continuous contract), Bollinger bands spread is not a reference one.  A PEI will develop with our 7 / 23 weeks moving averages. Below PW, LW is our main target.

Idea:  focus on PW

Bet: towards LW.


R = MW (98.985);   S = PW (98.909), LW (98.869)


Short term: lower

On a daily basis, Bollinger bands spread is expending. A PEI could develop with our stochastic. As long as our MACD is not oversold, the decline in progress will continue. 

Idea: PEI on TAM could develop

Bet: nothing to do.

R = 98.945, MD (98.986)   S = PW (98.909)


Conclusion: long 3M Eurodollar + short 3M Euribor