3 months Eurodollar contract is weaker this week

Catégorie [ Contat 3 m Eurodollar ]

Long term: quarterly bullish parallel pattern

On a yearly basis, a bullish non-crossover occurred between prices and PY. This pattern is very bullish.

On a quarterly basis, a bullish parallel qualification is in progress.

On a monthly basis (March 2011 contract) a bullish parallel pattern is in progress.

Idea: use bullish parallel rules on a monthly basis

Bet: higher for some quarters 

R= 100;         S = PM (99.047)


Medium term: bullish parallel pattern

On a weekly basis, a bearish crossover with PW occurred + M7 down: take profit for 50 % of long position.

Idea: use bullish parallel rules

Bet: towards MW.

R = UW (99.741);         S = MW (99.454)


Short term: lower

On a daily basis, our 7 / 23 days moving averages, stochastic and our MACD are down. As long as our MACD is not oversold, the decline in progress will continue.

Idea: towards MW.

Bet: lower for one week or more.


R =MD (99.606);         S = MW (99.454)


Conclusion: lower