USD / CHF : aucune opportunité sur le moyen terme

Catégorie [ $ / CHF ]

Long term: weak

 On a yearly basis, our indicators are always bearish. But yearly close was above LY. Bollinger bands are declining slowly. LY (1.03) is a strong support. At the end of 2009, a bearish non-crossover could develop with our stochastic and MACD…

On a quarterly basis, a bullish divergence is in progress with our stochastic and MACD. With this hypothesis; if MQ (1.1862) fails as a resistance, PQ (1.2298) is our main objective. On a monthly basis, Bollinger bands spread is wide but shrinking slowly. Our M23 continue to decline but the status for our MACD is not yet overbought.

Idea: below PM (1.0797), LM (0.9954) could be our next target.

R = MQ (1.1862);     S = PM (1.0797), LM (0.9954)


Medium term: UW / LW spread is not minimal

On a weekly basis, the trend for our 7 / 23 weeks moving averages, stochastic is slowly down. A bearish non-crossover is the status for our MACD. Above MM (1.1036), MW (1.1417) is our main resistance. If 1.0812 (last week low) acts as a support, a bearish pre-parallel pattern could develop afterwards. Otherwise, a bear trend without ATDMF pattern will develop (as long as our MACD is not oversold).

Idea: intra-week bears position (cautious if UW is not rising).

R = MM (1.1036);    S = 1.0812, LD (1.0761), -


Short term: decline

On a daily basis, UD / LD spread is not minimal. Our indicators are always bearish. MD (1.1267) is our main resistance and LD (1.0948) is our main target.

Idea: nothing to do.

R = MM (1.1036);     S= LD (1.0761), -


Conclusion: nothing to do on a long term basis.