Nasdaq 100 : volatilité en baisse…

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Long term: bearish non-crossover for our yearly stochastic and MACD

On a yearly basis, a bearish non-crossover will be the status for our stochastic and MACD at the end of Q4. Below 1000, 795 (current low) is a weak next target.

On a quarterly basis, the stochastic and our MACD are overbought. The next pattern for our 7 / 23 quarters moving averages will be a bearish A type crossover. Bollinger Bands spread is near its minimal level and have a nice dynamic. If UQ is up at the end of Q4, a bearish T1 will be in hand. MQ (1659) is our main resistance. If 1000 fails as a support, 795 is our next target and 500 will be the next one.

On a monthly basis, a bearish non-crossover is in progress with our stochastic, MACD and for our 7 / 23 months moving averages. Bollinger band spread is not at its minimal level but the dynamic for each Bollinger band is very strong. As long as M7 is declining, UD (1393) is our main resistance and 795 is our first support.

Idea: towards 795 or -.


Medium term: bearish parallels pattern

On a weekly basis, a bearish parallel pattern is in progress. For our 7 / 23 weeks moving averages, a bearish non-crossover is in progress and the bearish dynamic will continue to improve over the next periods. The status for our stochastic and MACD is a bearish non-crossover. MD (1213) is our first resistance and UD (1393) is the next one. 795 is an objective if 1000 fails as a support. Next target is 500.

Idea: use bearish parallel rules.



Short term: recovery

On a daily basis, our bearish parallel pattern failed with a decrease for the dynamic of UD / LD. Above MD (1213), UD (1393) is our next objective. Otherwise LD (1034) will be a target.


Idea: with a bearish pattern in early December, 795 could be a target for New Year.

Conclusion: 2009 will be a key year for US markets.