Indice Nikkeï 7/11/2008

Catégorie [ Nikkeï ]

Long term: towards LY (4918)

On a yearly basis, LY (4918) is our main support.

 On a quarterly basis, the status for our stochastic and MACD is overbought. The spread UQ / LQ is wide but extend. For our 7 / 23 quarters moving averages, a bearish A type crossover is expected. LY (4918) is our first target.

On a monthly basis, a strong bear trend is in progress.

Idea: stay short.


Medium term: bearish parallels pattern

On a weekly basis, a bearish parallels pattern is in progress (bearish crossover PW / MW + divergence for Bollinger bands).

Idea: use bearish parallels rules.


Short term: towards LD (7501)

On a daily basis, the status for our 7 / 23 days moving averages will be a bullish B type crossover. Stochastic and MACD will be overbought. Bollinger bands spread is not minimal. A bearish pre-parallel pattern could develop if LD (7501) acts as a support and MD act as a resistance.

Idea: LD will act as a support.


Conclusion: towards LY (4918).